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The Long Haulers

Saying Thank You to Health Care Professionals

Health care workers have been working in high-risk environments, with the majority carrying high stress levels and facing anxiety, exhaustion and burnout.

Jihi™ is partnering with small businesses, spas and resorts across the country to deliver recognition and respite to overworked frontline workers.

In a recent survey, 86% of healthcare workers are experiencing anxiety, and 76% are facing exhaustion and burnout. With COVID still in its 4th wave across the country, and many nurses and doctors leading vaccination efforts, we know that the fight is far from over for these frontline warriors.

Our goal is to connect individuals in the hardest-hit communities with some much deserved recognition and respite - not only to acknowledge the sacrifices they have made, but to help refill their cup as the pandemic and its aftermath continue.

Our Partners

Together we can Spread Joy™

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We are currently looking for healthcare professionals to reward and highlight.

Are you, or do you know, of a nurse or healthcare professional that was impacted by COVID? Please nominate them and let us know! Awards range from free sets of the Jihi self-care line, to spa days and more. Please, let us know who could use some love in your world!