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Jihi is dedicated to the advocacy of mental health and self-care, working with our partners in wellness to bring the gift of Self-Centered Wellness to our local communities.

Self-Centered Wellness is the philosophy that coming within the take care of ourselves is the key to vibrant, authentic, joyful living. However, we recognize that self-care is a practice of privilege, time and resources.

To Spread Joy in our local communities, Jihi connects our tools, resources and partners in wellness to give the gift of Self-Centered Wellness, knowing that recognition and self-care can support and illuminate our world one light at a time.

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Our Current Initiatives

The Long Haulers

Health care workers have been working in high-risk environments, with the majority carrying high stress levels and facing anxiety, exhaustion and burnout.

Jihi is partnering with small businesses, spas and resorts across the country to acknowledge and celebrate these front line heroes as they continue to serve our communities in this pandemic.

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Our Partners

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The Silent Struggle

Eating disorders are the second deadliest mental illness in the United States, affecting nearly 24 million people. With the anxiety and seclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, eating disorders have only been exacerbated.

Jihi is committed to supporting ED sufferers by letting them know that they are not alone, there are tools and resources available to support them, and recovery is possible.

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Our Partners

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Self-Centered Wellness

Self-Centered Wellness is about resisting the cries of burnout culture and the pressure to be everything to everyone. Self-Centered Wellness is about taking the time to care for ourselves, and beginning our journey from the truth and joy of exactly who we are.

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