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The Silent Struggle

Envisioning a Joyful Future

Connecting experts in the eating disorder recovery world to collaborate to bring wellness services, products and resources to those struggling with eating disorders.

Eating disorders affect nearly 24 million people in the United States. Second only to opioid addiction, eating disorders are one of the deadliest mental illnesses, resulting in approximately 10,200 deaths each year.

Jihi™ is committed to supporting ED sufferers in discovering life outside of their illness, providing alternative treatments to support their health and help redefine their future. Our goal is to inspire ED sufferers to know that there is a vibrant life out there for them - and that recovery is possible.

The initial launch initiative will be a ranch-hosted event in Colorado that will bring together individuals who are struggling with body image and eating disorders with others who have recovered from eating disorders and are living whole, fulfilling lives, as well as wellness practitioners and creative resources that can inspire new tools and perspectives.

Our goal is to inspire, immerse and support this vulnerable community, recognizing our role in the beauty industry and responsibility to promote body-positivity and inner and outer balance.

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