Coming summer 2021, Jihi’s Spread Joy™ initiatives aim to reward individuals in our communities with the respite, joy, and inspiration of Jihi’s self-care philosophy of Self-Centered Wellness™. Our goal is to give back in a meaningful way to those who need it most, while demonstrating our belief that self-care isn’t just a luxury - it’s a lifeline.

Jihi is a Japanese word for “compassion.” JI means to spread joy, and HI means to ease pain. At Jihi, we bring the vision of compassionate self-care to life through our philosophy of Self-Centered Wellness - the idea that coming within to take care of ourselves and our inner needs is the key to vibrant, authentic, joyful living.

Self-Centered Wellness combats “burnout culture” and instead recognizes self-care as an act of compassion not only for ourselves, but for all who we can help and inspire when we recharge, find balance, and step into our power.

We recognize that Self-Centered Wellness is a practice of privilege - it requires time, quiet, focus, and access to supportive, healing products, foods, resources, and community. We believe that all people deserve the time and tools to care for themselves, knowing that Self-Centered Wellness isn’t self-centered at all -  when we come within to heal ourselves, we reflect that joyful acceptance to the world around us. That is Jihi “compassion” in action.

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